Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I hate the phrase, yet, it's so true.

Any team can be beaten on any given day.

Ugh, how I wish those words weren't true. We've seen in a million times, the best team in the league gets slaughtered by a low ranked, not very good team. It happens during the regular seasons, but it's never more apparent when it happens during the playoffs. Of course, you love to see certain teams get taken out by the underdog. I personally love seeing the Patriots get taken down by anyone, so when a low ranked team does it, it's a little sweeter. Of course, when your team gets taken down it's the end of time. Nothing hurts worse than your team being on top and getting reamed by someone who doesn't deserve it. Makes you question everything about what your team does and if they have what it takes to win in the end.

It happens every day. So why are we always surprised? Every time we set our brackets up for March Madness we account for the teams we know are lower seed, but always seem to win. Yes, I'm talking about your Gonzaga. Yet, every year there are upsets. Every year we see our brackets completely fall apart. And we're always shocked. Look at Lehigh and Duke this year. Now Cathy may have been excited (see yesterday's post), but I was sad and just couldn't believe it. I like Coach K and what he has built, so I definitely wasn't expecting it.

Do we just get invested in certain teams and hate to see them lose? Do we expect certain teams to keep moving through? Why are we shocked? Any team can be beaten on any given day, and no team is excluded from it.


  1. I never bet on Gonzaga when they're projected to go far. They've screwed me too many times. Even the upsets this year haven't seemed crazy to me. I'm afraid that unless NC State or Ohio pull something off this week, the Final Four could be somewhat expected (at least by my bracket), and even with having my Final Four still left, do I really want to be right?

  2. I think this is why basketball is so exciting and so heartbreaking. It's so fast and it's really anyone's game, on any given day. One minute you're up, you think it's safe to run to the bathroom. Before you've flushed you're back and your down!!! It's like a roller coaster.

    I didn't do a bracket this year - but I think next year I need to. If anything I will become invested in the games, and learn all I can about the sport more so than I do now. My problems is I follow NO ONE and I don't keep up with the teams like I did in HS. I feel so lost.

  3. Well, it's a very true statement. No one is immune. And I was reminded of it last year in the elite 8 when we saw our chance to slide right into the final 4 knocked out of our very-deserving hands by WVU. I mean...West VA?? They even have a team? Who dey? Aren't they in a coal mine or something? Yet, they walked in and spanked us like we had just been caught trying to drown their little sister. Horrifying and totally the But the other phrase, which I also hate for the record, there's always next year. I'm HEAVILY invested in UK's basketball program...mostly because I was in college at UK for 8 years so I'm pretty sure I have a high rise bleacher named after me. But it's devastating to see them lose, whether it's a number 1 seed or someone way further down.

    But...there's always next year.