Monday, March 26, 2012

In Mourning...

My love for college basketball took a huge hit on Saturday.  I'm torn between the loss of a season, leaving behind the best league/rivalries, and the partial loss of my love for the game.  If you talk to me about what happened in the games after the Cuse loss, I will be out of the know as I am done for this season. Funny thing is my bracket's still sort of in the running for work, but I didn't watch a game yesterday and not sure I care enough to watch the Final Four (don't worry Ally, I'll still wear my UK Blue and hope they win, especially against Louisville, a bet is a bet and I did choose them as my Champs).  Ok, I'll be honest, as much as it kills me, I'll probably still watch. If only to root against 3 of my least favorite teams in college ball.

Congrats go out to Ohio State, they played the better game. Cuse should have made more shots and committed less turnovers, we're better than that. I know in my head that's what it comes down to.  The logical side of me WANTS to be able to focus solely on what we should have done, but the passionate side of me can't get past how much the refs changed the game.  I won't say it was all on the Cuse side either, Sullinger's 2nd foul in the first half was just dumb.  And 3 Cuse players with 4 fouls and more than 10 minutes to go in the 2nd half?  No one could defend it. The refs were even blowing whistles in anticipation of fouls!  They changed the tempo more than any game I've seen.  Ohio St. definitely took advantage of the whistle-happies more than Cuse did, but no game should come down to that, let alone a season. 

I got worried texts, tweets and emails all weekend, but I'm not violently mad, just extremely disappointed and slightly heartbroken. I say slightly because 3 losses in a season is nothing to be completely heartbroken over.

By the time I heal, Cuse will be preparing for games in the ACC.

Ahhhh...I can''s too much to think about right now.  Thank goodness baseball season is almost here to save me from a breakdown!


  1. I totally thought about you, chick. I know the heartbreak feeling...

  2. I hate the disappointment/losing funk that comes with being emotionally invested in a team. I often wonder why I put myself through stuff like that every year, but then I remember why. Because the wins are soooo good. I'm sorry girl. My team went down in flames, but I know I wasn't as invested in them this year as I know you are with yours.

    I too will be cheering on the Wildcats for Ally, and for the SEC.

  3. Despite my allegiance to Ally and the 'cats, I was sorry to see them go out so early. Next year ....