Thursday, March 15, 2012

Raising the Stakes

When Hutch and Shana came to visit me in the land of bourbon and basketball last October, we made a bet. Specifically, Hutch (who is TeamSyracuse all the way) and I (who have been known to leak blue when accidentally slicing my finger with a kitchen knife) decided that whoever's team fell out of the NCAA tournament first this year would buy the winner dinner at the establishment of her choosing. At the time, we were 2 bottles of sweet, white wine in to a lovely evening on the back porch. It seemed like a great idea.

But as tournament time quickly approaches (U.K. tip off today against Western KY University at 12:15...just sayin'...should you need to shop for some blue at lunch), I now realize there is some folly in our strategy. We live approximately 63 states apart. And another meet-up is not scheduled until next spring. *fail* I can't wait until a year from now to collect on our bet. And I will collect on our bet. Goodbye, Fab Melo...hello, Anthony Davis and his wall of newly acquired awards.

Probably one of my favorite commercials of all time is the one ESPN put out around football season that showed winners collecting on their bets. Losers eat the winning team's hat, splash water on their crotches in the corporate bathroom, shave their heads, eyebrows, etc.. Hold on...let me find it....

This is actually the full version at 1 minute long, which I had never seen before. It shows a few extra bets lost that never made it to my TV.

But it's's not's sports. And we're all about that around here.

So, this morning I'm asking you, our creative readers and fellow sports enthusiasts, to suggest some alternative stakes for our NCAA March Madness bet. All I ask is that you not offer up anything where we would to shave an obvious area of our bodies (we both have jobs), or be naked in public (we're classier than that...although not by much). Other than that, I'm pretty much open to anything. What about you, Hutch? Do you have any stipulations?

Thank you in advance. And let the games begin!


  1. Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this, especially with Fab going out. Feeling a bit more confident now are we? Wanting to change things up now that your chances just majorly increased? Stipulation: All hair & skin must stay in the condition I have personally chosen for myself (I'm really liking my low lights these days), no shaving, coloring, tatting, etc. AND since Cuse plays in 5 hours, any changes to the bet that come after, I have the right of first refusal.

  2. My friends have done this before... while at a game of two rivals. The loosing team's fan had to wear the winning team's jersey out of the stadium. My friends are both Redskin and die hard Cowboy fans. Needless to say the Redskins lost and my bff had to wear the cowboys jersey all the way back to the car. She was a good sport though it was pretty funny. My suggestion is not only purchasing the winner dinner but also have the loser wear the winning tshirt/jersey/colors to pick the winner up at the airport and then wear the colors all day. Just a thought... not too painful right?

    1. P.S. a huge sign with the words WINNING TEAM RULES!!! to greet the other person would be a nice touch too ;)

      P.S.S. I will never take a bet like this with a Ravens fan it would hurt too much ;)

  3. Or, the loser could donate $25 to the winner's college athletic association?

    Actually, I meant to say that Hutch can donate $25 to the 'cats ... 'cause she's goin' down!