Thursday, March 8, 2012


I ask that you all excuse my ranting over this. I'm still a bit distraught over the news about Hines Ward's release. The hammer was dropped last week but I still feel like it was yesterday. To add salt to the wound the Steelers also released James Farrior, Chris Kemoeatu and Aaron Smith. {Weeks prior to this the Steelers released Bryant McFadden as well}. To say I'm angry is a huge understatement.  As if this wasn't enough this week the Colts decided to release Peyton Manning. All I can say is WTF!?!

"Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M.!
Get the money, dollah dollah bill ya'll."
- Wu Tang

I know these choices are driven by money alone, and not emotion. If they were driven by emotion you wouldn't see a list of NFL's Veteran's without a job getting longer and longer. That still doesn't mean it doesn't cheese me right the hell off. I look at Hines and Peyton and look at all they've done for their teams. Both MVP's {Peyton has been MVP more than any other NFL player}, and both outstanding examples of what a good role model for children should be and what a great team player should be for professional sports. Peyton is a leader, and I'm sure he will have tons of offers to go to different teams. His biggest issue is going to be whether or not the team that picks him up will give him the Offensive control that he's so used to. Hines is also a great player, regardless of how you feel about him.  I know there a ton of football fanatics that can't stand Hines - bottom line if he was on your team, you'd love him. And I do. He's aggressive, tough, and at the same time a complete team player. I'm all about Team Ward.  What gets to me is that both of these men have said they wanted nothing more than to retire with their respective teams. Hines has always said he wanted to go out as a Steeler, and yes if he doesn't pick-up a new contract, he will - but these are not the terms he wanted. I'm sure Peyton feels the same way.

I'm still trying to make heads or tails of this choice. Be it budgeting, or just wanting new blood on the team either way dropping #86 has floored me. I've been stewing over this since I heard the news. I'm reminded of it every time I look over my shoulder to my right and I'm face with his figure running for a catch on my office desk. {What? Don't all 30 something females have a favorite athlete immortalized this way on their desks? P.S. Tim Tebow photos don't count!}.

Clearly I'm not an NFL owner. And clearly I don't know enough about the bargaining of a team but I have to believe that keeping Hines on the Steelers another year wasn't going to hurt their bottom line that much. My husband and I have been discussing this for the past few days and we both feel these cuts have been made to free up money. This money will be used in the looming NFL draft to secure better picks. I'm not sure who the Steelers are looking for, I can hope and pray it's some of my favorite graduates from the University of Alabama {GO TRENT RICHARDSON!}, but that's a pipe dream. Then again, do I really want to vote one of my hopefuls to a franchise that might send him out to pasture before he's ready to leave?

I hope both Hines and Peyton get picked up by good teams, and that them being a part of said teams only makes the team as a whole, better. I'm still on the fence about where I'd like to see Hines end up. I honestly can't see him in anything but a Steelers jersey. Peyton however has had a few sports shows buzzing about where he'll get picked up. I've heard whispers of the Washington Redskins and I will be honest I'd love to see him go there and flip that whole organization around. {The Skins are my second favorite team}. If anyone has the power to do it. He does. Friends and I have also discussed how we might like to see him retire from the NFL and use this chance to go back to his alma mater and coach at Tennessee. The only down side to that is I can only imagine the power house he'd turn them into, and that doesn't bode well for my Crimson Tide.  I guess time will tell and we'll find out soon enough. Until then I want to say Peyton, you were the only player that made me give a single care about the Colts, good luck to you. Hines, I'm so angry beyond belief and I'm not sure how I feel about it all. I've been a Steelers fan for years and will continue to do so, but for now, I'm so angry I can't even look at the gold and black items hanging in my closet. Good luck to you too!

What are your thoughts about the recent releases of so many players, veterans and otherwise.

Where do you hope to see Peyton and Hines reside if they get picked up?

And with all this being said, who's ready for March Madness?


  1. Although I despise UT-Knox with a passion, I would love to see Peyton retire & become their coach. I think he would make an outstanding coach even if it's just Offensive.

    It's ridiculous at how much money Manning as made the Colt's franchise and the city of Indianapolis that they couldn't pay to keep him until he was ready to leave.

    But also? I think he needs to know when to say when. He's injured & had who knows how many surgeries. I'd like to see him walk away while he's on top before he embarrasses himself & becomes a joke like Favre.

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