Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've done it now.

I've gone and injured myself. Right at the end of half marathon training, no less.

It would appear I have peroneal tendonitis in my right foot. Treatment? Rest. Take ibuprofen. Stop running. Hope.

I missed a 10 mile race this past weekend. No way was I going to run it and risk not being able to run the half. My husband ran it. I was there cheering him on.

I'm not going to lie....there were tears in my eyes when the race started. I was sad and angry. I stood along the fence line near the end of the race and clapped for runners, encouraging them to finish the last few minutes strong. It was hard. I was supposed to be running with them. It was a weird feeling. I still don't like running. In fact, I'd say I really do not enjoy it at all. But damn it! I'm in training and I was supposed to be out there...even if I knew I was going to be hating it and complaining the whole way I still wanted to do what I said I was going to do. I wanted to run 10 miles.

I tried to cure my blues by wandering through Goldy's Locker Room. I did buy 2 wee little shirts for friends who are having babies this summer. It made me feel a little better. And JT finished in 1:37, which is way faster than I would have ran it, so at least I knew I wasn't slowing him down. He finally was able to run a race at his own pace. He is a sweetheart and runs all of our races with me, so I don't get discouraged. He's a good motivator.

So now, I continue to rest. I'm going to try running again next week and see how my foot feels. And then I'm going to get serious about packing. (because we still haven't made the big move)

Have any of you had peroneal tendonitis before? Have you had a running injury and made it out the other side? Have you had to watch a race you were supposed to be running from the sidelines? Did anybody watch the Masters on Easter Sunday? First time I've ever watched golf.


  1. I've never dealt with peroneal before, but I've had patellar tendonitis and it's a B! Good luck, I hope it gets better soon!!

  2. Frequently watch the Masters, but after a while I find myself spending as much time looking at the azaleas (and the rest of the grounds) and less time watching the play ... oops!

    Hope you heal fast!

  3. Well, I've only done one race that I actually trained for and I did it and finished it (although not with the results that I was hoping for) but I had a friend and boss once who was training for a marathon and, while she was out training one morning, tripped on a stick on the sidewalk and sprained her ankle. It was about a month before the race and it put her out. I can only imagine the disappointment to train so hard for so long (especially doing something that you don't particularly care for) only to watch is pass right by. :( I hope you continue to heal and that there may be a make-up race for you in the future. Congrats to JT on his time. That's pretty awesome!!

  4. I haven't had peroneal tendonitis before, but a week before my last half-marathon, my foot landed funny during my long jog on a trail, and I ended up bruising my femur and tibia, along with getting a hairline fracture along the patella. I was so upset, b/c that was the first race that I REALLY trained for and I was down and out for 8 weeks! Rest as long as possible and when your foot feels well enough, take it slow and easy!! Good luck!!