Monday, April 9, 2012

P90x2 Update

As a 49er fan I really wanted to lay in to Gregg Williams this week, but I think we're all in agreement there. If he ever finds his way back in to the game I'd be shocked.

Instead, it's time for a P90x2 update.  As of Friday, I completed the first two phases.  The second took me longer than originally planned as I took two weeks off for the half (1 before, 1 after).  Up to this point, the program seemed similar enough to P90x.  I prefer the no repeats in Plyocide (x2) to Plyometrics (x) and the actual leg workout of Legs & Back (x) to Base & Back (x2), but overall the results were somewhat similar.

After the first two phases here's my progress:

Weight: -8lbs (only 2.5 to my goal weight!!)
Waist: -2.75
Body Fat: -2.4%
Hips: -1.25
Chest: -2.25
Rt Arm: -.8
Lt Arm: -.5
Rt Leg: -2.75
Lt Leg: -2.5

I'm officially back to a size 4 and even some of those pants are a bit loose.  For the bday celebrations on Friday, I wore a pair of skinny jeans I never thought I'd fit into again!  I still have some toning to do, but I'm definitely pleased with the results so far.

Yesterday I started the 3rd Phase: P.A.P. or Post Activation Potentiation (pretty sure Tony made up that word).  There are two workouts, lower and upper, each done twice a week along with yoga.  I didn't do yoga in Phase 2, due to the run schedule, but I'm going to try and fit it back in for this phase (tank top season is awfully close).

The P.A.P. workouts are CRAZY and unlike anything seen in the first two phases or P90x! After the lower one yesterday, my legs were completely shot. There are 2 "complexes" consisting of 4 moves (mix of strength/balance and power) and each set within the complex is done 4 times in a row without a true break.  No joke, I burned 900 calories in an hour. 

There's definitely room for improvement, looking at you leg bridges, but I like a challenge.  If it's easy, I'm bored (goes for just about anything in life).  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the progress and where I'm at when it's all over in 4 weeks!


  1. Those inches lost are AMAZING! You get it, girl! And how awesome was it to rock some skinny SKINNY jeans on your birthday? ;-D As someone who holds a degree in Exercise Physiology, I'm going to agree that Potentiation is most likely made up. It's never been in any books I've read about. And while I don't personally do Yoga, I have friends who do (looking at you, Charlotte) and have definition in areas that nothing else can hit. So get that Yoga in and say hello to spaghetti straps. ;) Although, you already have rockin' arms that don't continue to wave 5 seconds after your hand stops. So you're already on the right path.

  2. Wow. I'm in awe of you and your motivation. I'm having trouble getting in 20 minutes on a treadmill, so 90 minutes of intense working out? I bow to thee. I do love yoga though, so I'm all for fitting that in! :D Good luck!

  3. I reeeeallly want to like yoga, I'm just not good with the whole standing still thing. But I know it's good for me.

  4. I've heard that Insanity was good too.. My friend preferred it over p90x for a woman. But that's her. Me? I'm good with my 25 min JIllian Michaels.

  5. WELL DONE!!!! I am really curious about P90X-2 it seems insane but in a good way!!! Please tell me they changed the music in the background - do you know its' been over a year since I've done P90X but as soon as I typed about this I can hear the song in the back of my head that you do push-ups to! blech!

    I am so happy for you!!! Keep up the great work girl!!

  6. woot! I start phase 2 in 3 weeks. Phase 2 has taken me awhile to get through :) Not losing anything tho.. the eating is a bit out of control. Muscle definition is going nice though. AWESOME JOB!! :)

  7. Wow, this is inspiring to hear! Great results. I may have to do this pre-wedding. :-)

  8. I love the word "potentiation." :)

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! That is sooooo super impressive, girly. I have a friend who was on this and the results were incredible. I definitely wouldn't want to fight her in a dark alley. HA! And getting into a pair of skinny jeans is always a feat. You should feel so good you were able to fit in to them for your bday! XOXO