Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring is Here?

Spring is trying it's hardest to arrive here in Northern California.  A day of sunshine in between 4 or 5 days of the rain we didn't get in the winter.  By April, I'm usually running errands in flip flops, as long as the sun is out, dreaming about the oh-so-close Beer-B-Q weather, and patiently awaiting the start of baseball season.

Maybe mother nature should be blamed, but I don't feel like Opening Day is only 2 days away.  College Basketball is wrapping up, Cuse lacrosse is on TV, the NFL draft is around the corner, the NBA and NHL playoffs are looming. All sports are as they should be.  Yet, baseball feels off.

Have I missed the hype?

From 2011, can't find anything for 2012 that isn't team specific.

I know the Giants don't open at home, but usually by now there's local coverage or Sports Center commercials with Lincecum or Wilson. While writing this Sunday afternoon, of the 11 headlines on ESPN only 2 related to baseball.  On the rotating Top Stories, the MLB season preview is at the end after the NBA, NASCAR, Men's Hoops and Women's Hoops.

Maybe I woke up in some alternate universe where Nascar and women's basketball now hold more interest than America's Favorite Pastime?  I know baseball is a long, slow season.  Casual fans pay more attention after the All-Star break (and thank you MLB for requiring all selected players to attend), but I'm usually analyzing the schedule and our roster by now.

Perhaps it's just a local issue. When good, the Niners do rule the Bay, and right now they're the best they've been in years.  I know I've cared more about which Free Agents signed with us than how Posey's doing down in Arizona.

Is this a personal thing? Am I alone here, or are others also experiencing the same baseball season lag?


  1. Haven't really gotten into baseball yet, either, but then I am not as big a fan as you. The Flying Squirrels ain't the Giants!

    Was in the Baltimore area this past weekend and got to watch lacrosse - wow! hadn't seen any since college, since no one in this area ever shows it. What a treat!

  2. Hell, I'm living in the Spring Training capital of the USA and I haven't even seen that much baseball coverage on TV. However, judging by the amount of rabid baseball fans I've encountered in the last month, the love of the game is alive and well!

  3. It has been surprisingly quiet around here too and we have the Braves to watch. No commercials about the upcoming season and actually they haven't even announced the sale of tickets on base yet. So, if you woke up in a parallel non-baseball universe, I'm afraid you aren't alone.