Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughts On the Weekend in Sports

I've been all over the place lately, and my thoughts have followed...

  • My opinion on the NBA should come as no surprise. The league is a joke and Stern thinks he can play God.  Throw owners in there like the Maloofs and you've got yourself a regular 3-ring circus.  For those who don't know what's going on here in lovely Sacramento, our fabulous owners have outdone themselves.  We all knew they preferred Southern California to the State Capital, but now the money-grubbing assholes are backing out of the arena deal that was approved weeks ago.  Our current arena is a joke.  They need to leave the city, but give someone else the team. Not even Stern can save this one.

  • Catching up on my sports news Saturday morning, I came across the story of Piermario Morosini, a midfielder for a Serie B team (soccer) (the fact that I have to specify soccer is sad enough).  He collapsed on the field during the 2nd half from a heart attack and did not survive.  He was 25.  Even more tragic is his family background. He lost his mother at 15, his father 2 years later and his brother not long after.  He's survived by one sister.  I honestly teared up when I read that, I can't even imagine.  He's not the first to suffer from heart related symptoms and soccer players are usually in amazing shape, you have to wonder if there's a bigger problem here. 

  • My thoughts go out to all the Boston Marathoners running today.  Please be safe, go slow and try not to do anything crazy in that heat!  I do like that the race organizers gave runners the option to defer for a year.  I can't imagine how horrible my half-marathon experience would have been in warmer weather, let alone 26.2 miles!

  • The Giants appear to have lost Brian Wilson...for the season.  If the 2nd and 3rd opinions come back the same, the loss is one for baseball as a whole, who doesn't love him (besides the opposing team)?  *Insert saddest of sad faces here*

  • At least it feels like baseball season now!  The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday on the Bay.  I rarely make it to games this early in the season so I forgot how amazing spring days can be there (it's hit and miss during summer with the marine layer). We may not have won, but Voglesong came back and pitched a great game.  I'm feeling hopeful for the season.



  1. I don't follow any of the sports that you mentioned in this post (and therefore really needed you to clarify that you were discussing soccer there), but the picture alone is perfection. I love baseball, I just don't particularly care for the pace. Feels like a game takes forever. Now if there was a drinking game attached...

  2. The year I ran the half marathon in Arizona, half the people I trained with ran their race in Disney. It ended up being super hot that day...and the race organizers ran out of water. Not even kidding. People had to just keep going to the end. It was a mess and most people ended up just walking. I hope everyone in Boston was ok.

  3. As much as I freaking HATE the Giants, I cant help but love Brian Wilson and losing him for the season is just a major BUMMER for any true baseball fan. (except for when they are playing my Padres, not that they would even have to use him since I doubt the games will ever be that