Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When does your love of a team go overboard?

When your team is in the championship, you get a little over excited. It happens. We've all done it. You start thinking your team is unbeatable. You start dogging on the other team. You know in your heart your team will hoist that trophy. They just will.

Maybe it's that the team is just really that good. Maybe it's the alcohol you consumed all day long. Maybe it's you just can't let that other person win . . . at anything. So, you start making bets. You know you're team is going to win, so it's not really a bet right? It's not betting if you're going to win. (Yes, I absolutely just quoted "The Hangover".)

What if you start betting something permanent? What if you start betting tattoos? I understand a beer or doing something to embarrass yourself. But, something you can never get rid of? Is it overboard? Is that okay?

What if the tattoo is of the opposing team . . . you know, the team that actually won? The team that made yours look like a bunch of pansies? Yeah, that one. Well, is it too far? You were certain your team was going to win. You knew they were good enough. One can only hope it's the alcohol. But, for some? Some love their team so much, they would make that bet sober.

So, it poses the question . . . Can your love of a team go too far? I'm all for making someone dress up like an idiot, making a completely fool out of themselves. But, a tattoo or something else permanent like that just seems too far for me. However, something tells me there were many of these types of bets made lately. And something just doesn't seem right about it.


  1. I was not at all above judging your friend for going to get a UK tattoo because, really, what could possibly be more awesome? But I fear there was a LOT of alcohol involved because that is pretty much the same as me making a bet to get a tattoo of Duke if they won. And that, my friend, is NEVER going to happen. E.V.E.R. In general, I spend a couple of years thinking about my tattoo before it ever makes it on to my body and never have I gotten one while intoxicated. I fear something bad would I <3 Duke on my butt or something. I have some temporary UK tattoos if your friend thinks she wants to give that a try, though. Just in case she doesn't look good in blue.

  2. My exboyfriend has University of Memphis logo tat on his calf. He didn't get it until we broke up, but I told him he looked like a giant ass.

    WHY would you brand yourself?