Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ah, America's pastime . . . .

I like baseball. I played softball growing up and was always hanging around at my brother's baseball games. Hello, boys in tight baseball pants!! However, I'm not a big supporter of the MLB. It's not that I don't like the game, I actually really enjoy it, but I can't watch baseball on tv. It bores me to no end. It's a strategy game, but I don't see the strategy (probably because I've never tried). It's a slower game, which is fine, but as a basketball girl, I like the fast pace. It keeps my attention. I can go make a sandwich during a MLB game and then forget that I was watching it.

I'm fully aware that I'm a bandwagon MLB fan. I don't mind being termed that, because we all know that I'm a Mavericks fan through and through. So to be a bandwagon fan in a completely different sport, I'm okay with that. Judge all you want. So when the Rangers went to the World Series I watched. That's about it, and I wasn't about to pay to go see them in the Championship series.

Now, I'll go to a mid-season game just for kicks. I enjoy the ballpark (it's amazing), and I love the atmosphere. Plus, in person baseball is really enjoyable. The games are longer so you get to enjoy talking and laughing with friends. I'm all for that (it's completely different than a basketball game). So when I end up going with a big group of people and it's in the cheap seats, do I care? Nope. I know I'm going to have fun and enjoy the game.

Heck, Yu Darvish is scheduled to pitch, and apparently everyone needs to see that boy pitch in person.

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  1. I love baseball season, and I love the sport but I will admit from time to time I get a bit ADD when watching, unless it's live... well then I get ADD because there are so many interesting characters in the stands. I am hoping to hit up an O's game when I'm home in July, I might have to test my will to watch the game through and through (bathroom breaks don't count) :)