Monday, May 21, 2012

The Even Summers

I love this time of year as shows are winding down to their finales and baseball season is finally picking up.  I tend to read more and be outside without worrying about triple digit heat (although we could use some to kill the pollen count around here).  I'm reminded summer is almost here and even year summers are the best!

Forget about baseball, every even summer you're guaranteed a big international soccer tournament. While this year isn't the World Cup, and Deco won't be playing for Portugal, there will be plenty of hot, shirtless, players for my enjoyment during Euro 2012.  I was in London when England won in '96, not knowing what the craziness was all about. Now, I wish I had understood.

As much as I've tried to convince you otherwise, most of you are not soccer fans. I understand, kind of, sort of, not really.  Between the insane skill it takes to reach this level, and the gossip, there really is something for everyone. But fine, soccer isn't your thing?  Don't worry, this summer we've also got the Olympics!

I go back and forth every two years over which Olympics I like best.  Speed Skating or Track and Field? Gymnastics or Ice Dancing (not ice skating, that's clearly rigged)?  Basketball or hockey?  Ski Jumping or...? Actually, I don't know what can compare from the summer, maybe pole vaulting? Regardless, each year I say that season is my favorite.  Summer it is!

But can we talk mascots for a second?  Who decides these things?

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville

Apparently they've created short, animated videos based on the characters which represent two drops of steel from steelworks in Bolton.  Um, yes that's clearly obvious.  One eyed monsters are not at all what I think of when I see this.  Or maybe the Malcolm in the Middle power walking episode?  I'm all for mascots, I can even accept the slightly absurd, I am a Cuse grad after all.  I'm just hoping there will be more appearances by Hot Harry than Wenlock and Mandeville!  Am I right?

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  1. I'm so lost on this. . . . when did mascots become an Olympic thing? Or is this just the location trying to put their stamp on it??