Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love to hate . . . yeah, that's about right.

The Miami Heat. . . . my blood is already pumping with disdain. My team is out of the playoffs. No big deal, I've said before that I was ready for basketball season to end. But, I can't handle the idea of the Heat winning, of Lebron winning. There is just too much wrong with that.

I'm not a Celtics fan, but I'm cheering like I'm from Boston. (Okay, maybe not that loud. My buddy I watch the games with is from Boston, and he's LOUD.)  I don't know the players that well (except the few big names), I don't know the game strategy, and I don't know their true strengths and weaknesses. However, I do know that if the Heat go to the Finals, I might flip out and curse the Celtics . . . depending on the outcome, for years to come.

I don't like hating a team. I don't like hating anyone for that matter. But I'm surprising content with my absolute hatred for the Miami Heat. I know every person that plays professional athletics has an ego. I understand in that type of atmosphere you have to. You have to be able to say "I'm better than you", because that atmosphere (not only other players, but the fans themselves) will eat you alive. However, there is a limit. Lebron James has no limit on ego. Dwayne Wade isn't as bad, however, don't let the calm face fool you. If you think these boys don't trash talk and are willing to throw each other under the bus for a good shot, you don't know professional sports. Chris Bosh, well, I just laugh every time I see that Velociraptor on the floor. I actually kind of like watching him. Unfortunately, he's part of the trio and therefore, I can't support him. I'm sure he understands.

But anyone who is a cry baby (like Lebron) doesn't deserve to do as well as he unfortunately does. And I understand why people love him. From a true technical standpoint, he's an amazing basketball player. However, it's like Jerry Jones, from a true technical standpoint, he's an amazing business man. And everyone knows how that one ends, it doesn't matter how good they are, they will never have my support.

I don't like Greg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs coach), but don't think I won't be cheering for them if they end up playing Miami. Ugh, my skin may have crawled just a little bit. Maybe I just need to turn the channel, and have a stiff drink to wash down the bad taste in my mouth.

PS. Lebron - Lose the glasses. You look ridiculous.


  1. If I cared about the NBA I might agree with you. Even though I'm no longer a fan, I still hate the Lakers. No going back from that.

  2. You are not alone. I can't stand Lebron, he's a douche and frankly the Heat seem like a team of dirt balls. GO CELTICS!