Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Only Claim To Fame.

I'm by no means a celebrity, well maybe in my own mind I am, but in reality I am just an everyday person. I know some people in the world have one great claim to fame. They have talent, they can sing, they sell millions of hit songs. Or maybe they can play a sport very well and have tons of rings, trophies or recognition into various major league sports hall of fames. I don't have any of these things and this is probably why I'm such a huge music and sports fan. As a fan I have the ability to live through my teams wins and losses. To celebrate both the great and outstanding accomplishments and sulk during the loses.

I come from a family of semi passionate sports fans. My dad for years pledged his support to the Washington Redskins. He's a Pennsylvania born and raised man, yet had no qualms about picking a team not from his home state when he moved to Maryland many years ago {He still gives me crap for being a Steelers fan and HE'S the one from PA}. My mother, she could have cared less. Which is really funny considering she was in the best position for a sports fan with her employment in the years before I was born.

Many moons ago My mom, being an employee of the Washington Capital Center had first dibs on any tickets she wanted, for any event being held at the center. Her favorite tickets to snag were concert tickets and boxing event tickets. She always picked the same spot, fairly close to the action and off to the right side.  I've been told that while I was in my development stages of life aka a bebe in her belly, I witness great musical acts such as The Who! Kicking in time to the beat of the music and moving uncontrollably. I still do that to this day when I hear that band. I'm not sure if I witnessed any boxing or sporting events, if I did she never spoke of it.

In the winter of 1976 {yes I just said the date}, I was born. The first day of December I came into this world, the first and only child in my family, and the first child born to an employee of the Washington Capital Center. My mother's boss and the owner of the center sent her a dozen red roses and some champagne to say "Congratulations!".  We received another bundle of a dozen pink carnations, addressed to me, it was a warm welcome message and it was signed "Love, The Washington Capitals".

When I was old enough to realize the awesomeness of this gift I vowed in my youth to always be a Washington Capitals fan - and I still am today, even though catching them on TV is increasingly hard here in Alabama {although I did watch most of last nights game against the NY Rangers, sadly we lost in triple overtime}.  My mother wrote a sweet note about this event in my baby book and until further notice this will be my only claim to fame.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to the 1976 Washington Capitals Team! And to every team since them - thanks for all you do! I am still supporting you 100%! And will until the day I die!


 The groovy men that sent me flowers over 35 years ago • via 


  1. Last night was the first time I've ever sat and watched an (almost) entire hockey game. It was pretty entertaining.

  2. Shocking how entertaining it is, isn't it? I'm still really glad that you watched it with me... :)