Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post-Derby Depression

Here it is, the "every other" Thursday and I finally find myself (after months of disappointing football, followed by months of exhilarating basketball) out of topics for this blog. I will give you what I've got, which is a Derby hangover.

I have never been to the Kentucky Derby. I've only be in Louisville (pronounced "Lul-vulle") during the Derby once and that was as a freshman, finishing finals at the University of Louisville (or U of L, pronounced "U-vel"). It's not for lack of desire to go. It's for lack of funds. And for the diminishing desire to be herded into a stadium to buy $6 beers, to wait 10 minutes every time I have to pee, to watch the race through binoculars instead of in high-definition from my hammock. But it, like all sports events, is an experience and one that should be added to the to-do list...especially by a native Kentuckian. So, we've decided to set aside the hundreds of dollars for a grandstand seat and actually attend next year, just to say we went.

As for this year, though, my money has been handed over to a friend who came to our Derby party (as I watched my chosen Gemologist fade to the back with each turn in the course), I've been snacking on Derby pie and ham biscuits for 5 days, and the hot brown bites are dwindling to the last couple in the baggie. The fresh mint is turning brown in the fridge, a hot-glued rose fell off my wreath, the bourbon balls were finished off days ago, and the last of the Derby 2012 napkins and plates are stacked in the cupboard until Derby 2013. It's a blue, green, and gold argyle wasteland around here. And my list of fun and wacky Kentucky Derby facts is 5 days too late.

It's with a sigh of contentment, but also apprehension, as I hit publish on this post and prepare for 2 weeks from now...when it's too soon to talk about basketball season, too depressing to talk about football season, and too foreign to discuss baseball. The summer Olympics are coming, there's that. And Churchill will continue to race through the summer, but I rarely keep up with it as it only reminds me of all that I'm missing by being in Georgia. I will find something...perhaps it's finally time for me to embrace the Atlanta Braves...out of necessity, of course.

Did you have a Derby party? What was on the menu? Was there a hat involved? Or bourbon? There HAS to be bourbon. Jack Daniels is not invited to the Kentucky Derby, y'all.


  1. If I ever make it out your way... and we make it to Kentucky, I demand a HOT BROWN lunch, they sound AMAZING!!!

    No Derby party here but I sort of want to watch Preakness this weekend. It's no where near as classy as Kentucky... I know this... but it's my home state's little slice of the Equine Pie!... wait... ew... that sounds like we eat pie made of horses... scratch that!!!

  2. Two thing: One. I went to the Preakness once - about 100 years ago, I think - and I don't remember a thing. Either there was way too much alcoholic beverage or it was boring - I am guessing the latter, actually. Am sure we did not have grandstand seats, so you are probably smart to save for that. You might remember the experience.

    Two: Braves baseball! You may have to develop a love for baseball, but the Braves rock! We had their AAA team for years, until we futzed around and wouldn't improve the stadium. Now we have the Flying Squirrels, but that is a rant for another day. Try them. You will love 'em!