Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I couldn't, It made me sick.

I didn't see the last few games of the NBA Finals. I saw the first game, and it was glorious. Miami folded and the refs actually called it pretty fair. The second game, I watched almost all of it. I had to turn it off during the fourth quarter. The rest of the games . . . I didn't even try and keep up with the score on my phone. I knew where it was going.

I knew that Miami would have a parade and that Lebron would strut around like he was King. Because he believes he is the King. Although, most of us don't know what he thinks he's King of.

I knew because as great as the OKC Thunder are, they are a young team and didn't handle the pressure as well. They didn't have as much to prove as Miami did. They also hadn't dealt with the refs choosing who should win the game, and making every call against them. It takes a little more maturity for that not to affect you.

Yes, I love the NBA. I do. I enjoy watching the games and being a part of something the community loves so much. I've been a fan for too long to not love it. I also know it's corrupt . . . thanks David Stern.  And we all know that Miami is a bigger money maker, a bigger market, and was Stern's pick to win. So, the refs made sure of it. Which sucks. I'm not going to go into all the details of how corrupt it is, why it's corrupt, and what it's come to . . . I'll leave that for Hutch. But, it's dissapointing. I'm dissapointed in the sport and league that I love so much.

And I'm not faulting Miami, because they did play better. As much as it pains me to even type this . . . they deserved to win it (. . . ugh, yeah that hurt). Miami played better, they stepped up when they needed to. But, when it's all stacked against you, it's hard for the Cinderella team to step up, every now and then something has to go your way.

So, now Lebron gets to gloat, he gets to talk about how he carried the team on his back and how glorious he is. Because no one will tell him to shut it. I think back to when Dirk won the Playoff MVP (when Dallas won the Championship last year) and how he talked about it was for the fans, and how much he appreciated his team. It's hard to be happy for Miami when your own team knows what really counts. Knows that the support the fans and teammates give you is so much more than your own skill.

Right now I'm not worried about the NBA, I know the Lakers are hated and that they won multiple championships. I also know that it's even better when teams like Dallas who struggle for so long because it's not all about the superstars can finally show their worth. I know it won't always be like this. I know Miami has an expiration date. I also know that I'm looking forward to a good baseball story right about now, anything to get the spotlight off Miami.

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