Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I dropped the ball. Doesn't mean I can't pick it back up.

Wow. I really need to apologize to my fellow chicks for dropping the ball on my last few posts. Moving really messed with my schedule. Not just my blogging schedule, but also my gym and running schedule. I looked at my RunKeeper log and saw that my last run was May 1st.


That also tells you, if you reach way back into your brain, that I didn't run the half on May 5th. After taking time off for my injury there was no way my legs were going to be ready. I wanted to run. It was a perfect morning in Door County, the park was gorgeous and my husband would have ran/walked it with me. But, as usual, logic prevailed and I knew I wasn't ready and didn't want to risk further injury.

JT high-fiving our nieces at mile 10

Then came the big move. And lots of evenings spent unpacking, cleaning, hanging out with family and eating. Oh, so much eating. But no working out. No running. Days morphed into weeks and suddenly I was getting winded walking up a flight of stairs. That's when we high-tailed it down the road to Anytime Fitness and signed up for a membership.

It makes sense that I busted my ass all winter, got in decent shape and then stopped all physical activity in the spring...just in time to be out of shape for summer. I'm so smart like that. In addition to joining the gym I'm playing in a beach volleyball league. Between the gym, running and volleyball maybe I'll be tan and fit in time for sweater season. A girl can hope.

The beach where I'll be attempting to play volleyball

If you know me, you know that I rarely leave things undone. As of right now "running a half marathon" is still on my to do list. So I signed up for the inaugural Brewers Mini-Marathon. There's a post-race tailgate party, how could I say no?! My husband has decided he's never running long distances again, so I'll be running with my sister-in-law and BBF (best boy friend). Time to bust out the training plan and get to work.


  1. Welcome back, we've missed you! I'm glad you're still going after the half! I might be with your husband on the long distances. I think I'm most content with the 4-6 miles. Of course I still want to do another half to show I can do better and improve. Why do we torture ourselves this way?

  2. Yay!!! So happy to hear you're settled and back in motion again. Can't wait to get more updates :)

  3. Welcome back!!! And congrats on surviving the move! I think it rocks that you got yourself right back into the gym etc. I did the same as you... busted my tail... then slacked just in time to be sad about how none of my spring/summer clothing fits!

    I've missed your posts and look forward to more!