Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's gettin' hot out here!

Hello from the sauna that is the South faithful readers. I was so amped when it was mid May, almost June and the temps here in the South were still a mild 80-90 degrees. That my friends is all over. The projected highs are in the mid 100's this week here in 'bama. I got excited knowing that my vacation is right around the corner and I'd be traveling North to visit friends and family. Relief was in my future, or so I thought....

Mike and I have big plans to hit up an Orioles game when we are home. I've been wanting to take him for as long as I can remember and it's been nearly a decade since I've been there myself. We were so stoked, that is until I saw this...

via • Come on Balmer! I can't get no relief!
That is the projected weather for game day in Baltimore, MD. Thankfully we haven't purchased our tickets yet. We planned to wing it. Yes, it's a rather dumb thing to do considering how hot the O's have been this season and we'll probably be in the nose bleeds - BUT if there is a breeze up there, and some shade I'll be golden. If not, my homemade O's shirt (thank you to my husband's skills) will be covered in sweat and my sweet feather earrings I purchased will probably be drooping instead of fluttering.

I am not going to let the sweltering heat ruin my day though. I will cheer with the rest of the fans, and I will hydrate with water, and beer and try my hand at my first soft shell crab sandwich. Yes, you read that right. I'm from Maryland and I've never had a soft shell crab sandwich. I blame my old "freaked out" ways for not trying, and I blame my new bravery to try strange food, on Anthony Bourdain (love that man).

If the weather is horrible and all else fails you can find me at a local bar with AC and cold beer in Baltimore on Sunday! After that, you can find me melting in the Southern heat the rest of this summer, trying to keep my word about walking the dog (after the sun goes down) and trying to continue working on my couch to 5K - progress has been slow.

Cheers to the O's winning more games and to me sweating out all my toxins this year on vacation!


  1. I HATE this Alabama heat!!! UGH!!!! Hope you have a nice trip to Baltimore!!