Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Minor Leagues

With so many Major League teams, you would think the Minor Leagues wouldn't be important, or that anyone would even care about them. However, the suburbs? They LOVE them.

In the past month I've seen two different minor league teams play, however both baseball. Now, I know that I didn't get the full effect of either place because I showed up late to all the games, and spend more time chowing down on nachos than actually watching the game (when I'm hangry, I so don't care about sports). Or maybe I was staring at baseball pants. I'm gonna go with nachos. Yeah, the nachos.

So why are these games so popular? They're cheap, fun for kids, and most importantly they are CLOSE.  In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex most of the major league sports are far away from the down town areas. In other words, it's a pain to try and get to the stadium.  When I lived in Houston, I used to go straight from my office and walk to the baseball park or to the basketball arena. It was so simple and much more fun, than sitting in rush hour traffic, and then trying to find parking.  I've seen plenty of other cities where there is a stadium down town. I've also never heard of their Minor league teams being very popular.

Now, I could be completely wrong on this aspect, and maybe I'm just skewed because of the area I'm in.  But, I don't understand why these Major league teams don't capitalize on the economic impact of these down town areas.  I know why the Cowboys are where they are (and it's sad), and the Rangers have always been in Arlington.  The Mavericks are just outside of down town and they have the a train station right in front of them.  Rarely do people complain about going to those games, other than it's pricey to go to.

So, have these Minor league groups capitalized? Absolutely!  They've made the stadiums kid friendly, they keep the ticket prices cheaper so parents are able to bring the kids.  And you know those pricey concession stands?  Kids love those, and parents will keep buying to shut the kids up.  It's a cash cow.  So many Major league teams have priced themselves out of the markets, and so corporate America and people who don't mind dropping large amounts of money on games are all they can cater to now.  These Minor league teams? Cater to those that are want to see sports, but can't put down the $$$. 

And it works. Best part is it gives more kids/players a chance to keep playing the games they love. And more baseball pants . . . . I mean nachos.

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  1. I completely agree!! Going to see a Braves game can get outrageous. Plus there are only 2 ways in: by Metra and by car. And both are clogged with people. It's right in mid-town Atlanta and a total headache. Then you pile the expense on top of that. But there is a minor league in Macon that gets a lot of love, as well as pop warner leagues here in Warner Robins. I haven't been to any this year because it's just a little too damn hot for me, but I applaud the minors for seeing a market and striking. Genius.