Monday, July 9, 2012

Who Needs the Road?

When the first email came through from my trail running training group, I wondered what I had signed up for.  No headphones?! What kind of running is this?  I need music to keep me going, to help me zone out from the world/cars/other runners, and decompress.  Who runs without music?  Not long after, my question was answered. 

People who run in places like this:

Peaceful, right? Other than a couple weekend evening runs where the temps top out in the high 90's, low 100's, I haven't missed my music.  I don't look forward to the non-group training days where my neighborhood streets are the most accessible option.  Who needs the road when there's views like this within 30-45 minutes?
The climb up is totally worth it!


  1. I did a trail race a few months ago. Although there were no big views at the top, I thought it was pretty fun. I was nervous but running through the woods and trying not to trip on roots or slide down a hill took my mind off the actual running.

  2. I agree...looking down and making sure you don't trip over something and fall flat on your face takes all of the focus I have. There's none left over for music or talking. And the whole thing sort of feels like going to church.