Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Customary Olympics Nonsense

To be perfectly honest it's my last day at my current job and I start my new one next week, so writing this is definitely incredibly last minute.  But, I thought I would just share my random musings from the Olympics so far:

Why do we care so much that we beat China in the medal count? I'd almost rather they get more, we don't punish people for not winning .  .  . .

Ryan Lochte is a total douche, but if he could never wear clothes again . . . I'm totally okay with that.

I'm incredibly proud of Michael Phelps. And if he thinks he won't be going to the Rio Olympics, he's an idiot. He's not done.

Water polo is crazy hard and so impressive. However, I don't understand one bit of it.

How is power walking an Olympic sport?

I know NBC has completely screwed up with all the showings, but if you really don't want to know, stay off the sport websites. It's not going to change this year, maybe next time.

Serena Williams is a beast. An awesome beast.

Regular volleyball doesn't seem as intense as I remember it. Sand volleyball is crazy awesome.

I missed all the shooting events and I didn't look at where the winners were from. My assumption is from the South . . . I'm totally making fun of myself in that statement.

I love Will and Kate more than ever.  Harry, feel free to come visit Texas, I'll show you a good time.

Watching gymnastics makes me miss it, and I can barely do a cartwheel anymore. Yet, I've totally been trying to do them. Seriously.

This NBA fan, hasn't watched any men's basketball. I just can't watch half the team and cheer for them. I'll be happy if they win, but I can't watch it.

The track stars are so amazing. Kirani James from Granada is such a great kid. He has so much character and humility. Usain Bolt has none, and that makes me sad.

The USA National Anthem makes me cry. A lot. In a good way.

I love the country pride. I especially love hearing the crowds cheer their country men and women on. It's why the Olympics are so great.


  1. Such a good point about China winning medals. Is it wrong that I feel so bad for them when they lose?

  2. Unfortunately, it's not just the sports websites. Even gossip sites had spoilers on the sides or in articles. I've just accepted this is the way it is and have actually been too productive this week. Yes, that's a thing :)

    Also, I'm loving the royal kids right now!

    The Granada guy made me cry, seriously!