Monday, August 27, 2012

If the Yankees are Coming West at Least Bring the Pizza!

I'm rarely lacking in reasons to dislike the Dodgers.
  • They're from LA, so yeah, that's obvious
  • The fans can't even fill the seats behind home plate when they're playing their biggest rival
  • Jason Schmidt (this one still hurts, Kent? not so much)
  • They're from LA
  • The history (each team has 6 titles and 21 NL pennants)
  • My first MLB game was Giants-Dodgers in LA.  I was 9, with the Pops, and the fans were crude
  • While not all of their fans are violent, drunk, assholes, let's not ever forget Marc Antenorcruz and Bryan Stow (I will say the Dodger's organization has since handled the incident with class I didn't know they were capable of. Thus the "rarely" instead of "never" lacking in reasons)
  • They're from LA
Now, they're trying to turn the NL West into the AL East.   

Hey, look at me, my current "talent" can't compete with the Giants, and we know if we don't act now the World Series title is gone, so let's buy out the two guys no one wants in Boston, along with a guy whose nickname is based on a Muppet, and LA sports writers can't wait to use it in every headline after he hits a HR, but at least is better than Loney, for a quarter of a billion dollars. 

Are we sure Steinbrenner's soul hasn't inhabited Magic's body? You can't blame the team for feeling desperate after the Giants swept them.  At home.  In front of 100 fans.  Everyone knows Flags Fly Forever in baseball.

However, if you're going to become the Yankees, shouldn't I at least be getting some NY style pizza out of the deal?

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