Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's just a jersey!

It's high time I throw a little rant out in the sports realm. I will never understand why these athletic companies make such big deals about the jersey design of college teams, especially college football. Now I love college football, and I'm not dogging on any school out there. However, they approve some of these designs and then promote the crap out of them, so maybe I am.

Nike is the worst about making ugly uniforms, however, it does what they want because I'm now talking about Nike. Nike, Nike, Nike. There, that's worth a few uniforms.

Of course now, especially with social media, these uniform reveals have become full on events. I'm an event coordinator, I'll never understand how that renders itself a full on press conference . . . but I guess I'm just too logical.

I look at a few schools in the area, who have done these "reveal" events, and I don't even understand. TCU's looked like scales, which I get the horned frog look, but it was just ridiculous. SMU's looks almost identical to their Adidas jerseys.
 SMU's Adidas look a likes
TCU's pants were made to look like frog/snake scales.

We had Oregon wearing neon bright yellow, that they looked like little fat highlighters running around. Now, Notre Dame is changing their helmets . . . away from their signature gold.

 Oregon's lovely yellow . . . not.

 Notre Dame has broken tradition, and redone everything.

Why? Who knows, apparently keeping a similar look or tradition is just too weird for everyone. Personally, I wish they would stay the same. I'm okay with the old colors and logos, updating is fine with me, but completely going away from what you've been for years? Doesn't make any sense. However, I also don't need to put on a press conference for the new look of a jersey. Just saying.

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  1. I'm not as concerned with the jerseys. Although, I don't get why they're all so visually unappealing. Messing with ND helmets though? So. Not. Cool.

  2. I really don't love all these new jerseys. Something is to be said for a nice classic outfit. I get the push, I get the desire to do more, but some just look insane. I know Maryland got a TON of crap last year for theirs but I actually liked it. I keep hearing people here say "wow their gear was SO ugly." and I'm like.. "That is the state flag of Maryland." to which they are like, "Oh, well... I guess it's not that bad." (or maybe it's just because I"m from Maryland and they fear they will offend me ;) hehe SO not. Oregon's helmets were BLINDING!