Thursday, August 9, 2012

Move Over Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics. I know I'm not the only person on Earth that really isn't too concerned about the Olympics. My husband might be the only other person that agrees with me. While I completely appreciate the events, and how hard the athletes work to make it to the games, I'll be honest I just don't watch it. The only events I've taken time to tune into were the ones playing at the local bars and restaurants around Orange Beach, Alabama this past weekend. You see I was taking a much needed vacay, and any shop owner not showing the games risked being thought of as unpatriotic. So as I ate my weight in seafood and drank myself silly I caught a few bits and pieces of the US Gymnastics team, and some of the Female US Dive Teams' performances. All were impressive, the uneven bars, rocked. That being said, I still, just can't get into the games. Maybe it's because it's the Summer games and I've always been more of a Winter game type of person (snowboarding). If it wasn't for the tv's at these places being tuned in I might have missed all the events completely. My focus is else where, even with this big deal happening, I can think of only one thing. Football.

I'm super excited about NFL's Pre-Season. Especially tonight's match-up between my Steelers and the Eagles. I'm sporting my gold and black at work today, and I'm praying I can actually watch the game tonight on TV (I live in Titan Country so getting Pittsburgh games are few and far between here. It's either Titans or Falcons, neither of which I really care to watch, unless you count catching up on what Juilo Jones, a former Crimson Tide is up to in ATL). This time of year is always bitter sweet for me. I'm stressed at work because I'm putting together media guides for local football teams, and at the same time dying to watch professional and college football.

I've been anxious for this time of the year for months. I'm over the heat, and I long for crisp Autumn mornings, some of which I hope to spend tailgating, or at least prepping wings to grill in our own backyard. I'm ready to scream at the television and cheer when we win, and whimper when my team loses. (Let's hope the second doesn't happen often). Roll Tide!

I've been stalking my team's websites, their instagram feeds and reading all the tweets by my favorite players. I feel like I'm more tuned in this year than I ever have been in the past. So for today... I'm totally excited. Check back with me in a week or so, usually about mid pre-season I'm cussing up a storm and totally over football (thanks media guide designing). Then check back another week in and I'll be all about the game again. I'm very up and down this time of year depending on my work load.

As Hank Williams Jr. asks, "Are you ready for some football?"

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