Monday, August 6, 2012


As a sports junkie, I love all aspects of the Olympics. The world's best athletes competing in non-stop coverage over two weeks. There's the feel good stories, heartbreak and upsets.  I'm completely enthralled every day.  At least, that's how the Olympics have felt in the past.

This year, NBC committed the biggest FAIL I have ever witnessed in the history of sports broadcasting. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating in the slightest.  Please force me to disconnect from the world in order to watch the coverage deemed appropriate at the time of some random executive's choosing.

To keep up with the coverage, I stepped away from social media/news outlets and tried staying up late as swimming and gymnastics (my favorite events) were often shown well after my normal shut eye time.  I don't function well as a zombie at work, so I tried a different approach.  I watched the first half of the crap ass coverage at night, and would fast forward through the remaining coverage in the mornings. Not ideal.

Growing up, my parents may or may not have had a questionably legal black box during one of the summer Olympics. All events were available live and we could choose what we wanted to watch.  With all the advances in technology since, I never thought we'd take such a huge step backward.

NBC, the fix is simple.  Show all event finals, on TV, live throughout the day.  Internet does little for those who actually have to work during the day.  Allow me to record/watch what I want.  Then, by all means, keep your primetime coverage at 8pm.  I would actually be interested in the fluff pieces and prelims. I might be less annoyed and wouldn't laugh at your poor attempt to compare the trampoline to snowboarding with Shaun White.

I have faith there will be improvements before 2016.  If not, I'm moving to Canada!


  1. Man the day of the Women's Gymnastics team finals was the hardest day ever. I pretty much had to not go on 98% of my normal internet sites and then I had to ban everyone I talked to from telling me the results. Fun time but worth it as I got to watch spoiler free. I've been pretty much spoiled about everything else. My husband was mad when he saw the results of something when he was looking up the weather online. Geez.

  2. I don't remember this ever being an issue before, and it's been in many other different time zones. Did we just not play on the internet as much?? I don't understand why NBC decided to go this way. . .

  3. I love swimming events.

    So I was primo irritated when one of the announcers said something about swimmer having a hard time getting the best out of her "28 year old body". Do we not remember Dara Squires from only 4 YEARS AGO?

    I think they've been failing across the board.

  4. CBC is doing exactly what you are suggesting for NBC.
    They replay the big events at night (that they already showed live earlier), but don't pretend that it was from earlier in the day.
    So come on up to Canada, eh - we'd love to have you!

  5. I completely, totally agree.

    However, I also think there's something else they could/should do as well.

    If they're going to replay the swimming/diving/gymnastics/etc in the evening, then quit cutting back and forth. They need to just say, "From 8-9 we're showing swimming. From 9-10 we're covering diving. From 10-11 we'll do gymnastics." The back and forth makes sense when things are live, but when it's from 9 hours ago, it's annoying.