Thursday, September 6, 2012

Football and Fashion

Can you hear that in the air? Thousands of fans cheering? Yep, it's that time of year again, it's football season. I'm finally jacked for it! Yes I understand that football season has been in pre-season swing for the NFL and college started last week (ROLL TIDE!) but as I listed in my last post, I've been footballed-out! I'm finally getting a grip on reality and on the festive season that is worth cheering over once again.

Yesterday I received a nugget of awesomeness in the mail - a 2012 NFL sports gear catalog. Mine was specifically geared toward the Pittsburgh Steelers fan in me, at least on the cover. Inside it was a wonderland of merchandise. Usually I get a catalog and it's all about men's gear, some kids stuff and I might be lucky if there is a bedazzled pink jersey {gag} or a scrunchy with my team's colors on it.

Not this time folks - this time the women's NFL fashion is actually been stepped up a notch!  No longer am I forced to purchase "ladies jerseys" that make me want to hang my head because there is a "diamond" in the middle of one of the O's, or forced to purchase a Youth Jersey just because they are smaller than the men's gear. I personally own a men's jersey. It was my first purchase and I had NO idea how long they were, or how large they run. It's an XL, needless to say even with all my um... blessings? it's still HUGE on me! I could totally rock it as a dress!

NFL has finally knocked women's sports fashion out of the park. Between t-shirts, custom jerseys, pjs and the like I'm finally able to rock something "feminine" and not feel like a tool.

Check out this gear!!! (and it's models! How cool is this campaign?)

Women's NFL GEAR 2012
Yes, that's Ms. Rice! And I'd like to think these Jets fans are all about McElroy, like me • via
 There are still rhinestones if you are into that sort of thing - but the options are never ending it seems! I love the weathered look and the fact that Ms. Rice's jersey is tough and fem at the same time!

See the bottom, available at affordable locations, thank you very much NFL!
Totes Adorable, yeah I said Totes! • via
 A Personal Favorite! OK so maybe I won't rock my Steelers gear with a fringe skirt, but if I had Kym Johnson's legs, I totally would. I sort of love that she is sporting the Black and Gold no doubt in support for former player Hines Ward and her winning partner on Dancing with the Stars. Yes, I just wanted to work his name in here someone. I love me some Hines!

Kym Johnson, always flaunting and fabulous • via
 The Ladies in all their glory - can you pick them all out?
Huge Layout Ad for Women's NFL • GIRL POWER • via
So there you have it ladies - you no longer have to sport your man's tired old jersey, 2nd hand tshirt or faded sweatpants! I'm by no means saying get rid of them - there is something glorious about worn in sweatpants that belong to your man. What I'm saying is maybe on a big important game day you can rock something fabulous, in your size and meant for just you (just be sure you wear your lucky tshirt or underwear under it... it's a game day tradition... at least it is in my house!



  1. How in the world did they get Condi Rice to model? I love it!

  2. I can't wait to get my catalog in the mail. I meant to get a Saint's jersey when I was in New Orleans, but I forgot. It's nice to know I can still get one (and probably a cuter one) if I order from the catalog.

    Happy football season to you too!!

  3. Athletes, Check.
    Models, Check.
    Possible Dancing with D grade Celebrities, Check?

    Connalingus Rice? Sure, why not.

  4. FINALLY!!! Love the fact that they are making women's gear that isnt all bedazzled or PINK! Unfortunately I am on a team apparel shopping hiatus until my Chargers are for sure going to stay in SD. I dont want to spend more money on cute stuff just to throw it in a fire when I burn all my Charger's paraphenelia should they move to LA....

  5. Jamie I can't blame you in the least!

    Leave it to my husband to leave the smart ass comment, thanks babe :)