Monday, September 24, 2012


While watching the 49ers in the first half, I went through all the possible jinxes which could have caused the complete lack of skill they were showing on the field.

First instinct is always to go with the Announcer Jinx.  Chris Collinsworth didn't announce this game, so anything intentional was out.  Plus, I muted most of the first half out of frustration anyway.  Can't place the blame there.

Then I thought back to the SF Giants post game announcers on Saturday night talking about how good it is for SF sports fans right now.  We have our baseball team clinching the NL West Division Championship and our football team was ranked #1, both looking to make a run in the post-season.  We're 2 games in, please be cautious with your predictions!

After looking through my texts, I saw a good friend, who should know better, make a similar error, comparing SF to Boston in 2004 with the Pats and Sox. No, no, no, noooo!  But really, I was thinking the same thing, or at least that other fans might start to hate us the way they did Boston.

Finally, I looked down and realized I wasn't wearing my lucky Rice jersey.  The same jersey I wore to the Saints playoff game last season and the first 2 games of this season.  I could blame my hairdresser's failed attempt at strawberry blonde, turning out more red than blonde and not looking good with the red jersey.  But, I watched the game alone, at home, while studying.

It was all my fault!

I changed in to my jersey at halftime.

Wait, could the ESPN Power Rankings be jinxing the #1 ranked teams??  Green Bay-loss. New England-loss. Niners-loss. Who wants the #1 spot? Atlanta? Houston? Be careful what you wish for!  Although, bad things happen in threes, so maybe this jinx has passed.

In reality, all the jinxes in the world can't explain away poor play by the team.  Luckily, we're only in Week 3 and it's just 1 loss. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about the the possibility of a Replacement Refs jinx.  This was especially true after the fake refs decided to call 2 phantom penalties and ignore a blatant one that actually changed the game and led to a Minnesota TD.  Maybe if the bad calls didn't affect EVERY TEAM, a jinx could be considered.  Well done, Goodell, well done.  So much fun to watch the result of a grown man acting like a stubborn toddler.  I've honestly debated not watching the NFL until his temper tantrum is over.  At the very least, I'll be sticking to the Red Zone for my own sanity.  PAY THE DAMN REFS ALREADY!!

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