Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our tried and true passions are back!

Well, college sports are back. The school year has begun, and the crazy fandom can begin. In fact, it already has, because college football kicked off this past weekend. And it was definitely interesting.

Hurricane Issac came through and decided that football was not to start yet (among telling people they couldn’t live there anymore and ruining a bunch of people’s lives, so please keep your prayers going for those that are suffering).  So now the ticket battle has occured, people that orginially bought tickets can't go or they just opened it up to whoever wanted to buy and screwed everyone else. To be perfectly honest, I don't know for sure what happened and I haven't heard too many complaints, so obviously it went well in the ticketing world. Happy days, since everything else in that area is suffering.  At least A&M prolonged the butt whooping it's going to receive. And if A&M wins, I'll eat my words . . . in the form of candy.

Penn State kicked off it's season after the Sandusky scandal, after Paterno, after the NCAA penalties and fines, and after losing players because of it all.  The fans supported and rallied for their team. The new coach (Bill O'Brien) had a lot on his shoulders. Penn State lost to Ohio 24-14, and really after all that's happened to them, that's a decent game. It was so nice to see that the fans are still supporting the organization, and supporting the team. The stadium was over 90k full. They understood that what happened was not the players, and that these kids need all the cheering they can get. The best part of it all? Child abuse philanthropies are getting recognized and children are being helped, because the fans are telling the world we care about the kids (they had a Rally Ring around the stadium before the game), but we also care about the University. The best of both worlds, unfortunately something bad had to happen first. 

Alabama took over what should have been the University of Michigan, and turned them into a Michigan high school team. Which, is not what was expected. In fact, for Michigan it was embarrassing, last season they were held to the same level. However, we all know that last year means nothing for the current season. Michigan showed promise, and it's not time to hang their heads yet, but they've got to put on their big boy pants for this weekend. Hopefully Michigan remembers, that any team can be beaten on any given day.

And the biggest kicker of all . . . University of Houston lost to Texas State University. And by Texas State University, I mean Texas State, which used to be Southwest Texas. Which didn't have a football team until a few years ago. Houston is a good team, they tend to kick SMU's butt every year. It's one of the games that if SMU wins, it's a good season. Even SMU would assume Texas State as a cupcake team. And they beat Houston. This is the first year for Texas State to even be in the FBS (Football Bowl Series aka true D1 school), and Houston was expected to win by a spread of over 36. It's sad for Houston to have their season start with such a tarnished mark, but as a supporter of a permanent underdog school, I'm giving a mental high five to Texas State (because no one really wants to give a real high five to that school).

And on a personal rant: Commentators are awful. If you don't have anything to say . . . just don't say anything. I had to listen to commentators during the SMU/Baylor game and I about threw my tv out the window. You don't need to tell me where the stadium is located in Dallas, we know where it's located. I really don't need the intersections. We know SMU was getting pummeled by Baylor. We know we weren't doing well and it was embarrassing. Don't embarrass yourself by just trying to come up with things to say. We're okay if you don't say something for 30 seconds. Promise.

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