Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making the Impossible, Possible

You might be surprised to know the Giants won the World Series on Sunday.  By now, ESPN has shifted their focus to football, basketball, or maybe even the MLS.  Apparently "experts" have a hard time admitting they're wrong.  To make up for their boldly incorrect predictions, the recaps have focused on luck and a great manager.  While I will be making an offering to the Baseball Gods this offseason for their help on the 3rd baseline (be it a hit off the bag, or the bunt that stops fair), the Giants won on talent. Verlander didn't just have an "off night," the Giants hitters know how to frustrate pitchers and get on base.  Our defense didn't show up out of nowhere, they've been there all season. Heck, Crawford was there 20 years ago. Small ball?  How do you think we increased our runs scored from 2010, but were last in the league in HR's this season?

If these "experts" had bothered to pay attention to the NL West, outside of the Cabrera suspension or the Dodgers blockbuster trade that clearly went nowhere, they might have changed their predictions accordingly.  In the end, it doesn't matter.  The Giants are the World Series champs, and I was there for Game 2!


What was already an amazing night ended with the After Party.  I got a smile from Colin Hanks, brushed past Rich Aurilia, and saw Murph & Mac and Mad Dog.  It was like a sports fan/celebrity gossip junkie's dream come true.

Here's hoping I'm there to see them raise the flag on Opening Day!

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  1. I am SO SO happy the Giants won. If my boys in Orange couldn't make it I was happy to see the Giants did and a SWEEP no less! Awesome!!!

    You know... I feel like lately Alabama football gets the shaft and they don't get recognized enough for their hard work. I think because the peeps behind the desks are sick of talking about them.

    It's annoying but take it as a compliment. ;) ENJOY THE WAVE OF WINNING GIRL!! :)