Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cold weather? Yes, I think so.

My goodness, where did October go? I can’t believe it’s already November.

Good things happen in October and November. It’s definitely the best time of year (well the Fall season is). Down here in Texas we don’t have snow very often, so when the cold air blows in, we throw on our big soft sweaters, our boots (no spurs), and complain about how cold 40 degrees is. And we love it. Why? Because it finally feels like football season and basketball season begins. There is something about being covered head to toe in hats, gloves and overcoats, sitting outside freezing at a football game. Not that I’ve actually been freezing yet, but wearing a jacket is nice. The Dallas Cowboys are losing and it’s glorious. Jerry Jones was actually quoted saying if he wasn’t the General Manager, he would fire the General Manager for the team playing this way. Yes, his ego is so large that he won’t step down as GM, but if the GM was another person, he would absolutely fire them. Ummmmm . . . . yeah, and people wonder why I hate the Cowboys.

College football is incredibly intense right now. The SEC has been completely turned upside down. Honestly, it’s the exact opposite of what I had hoped. I had kept my fingers crossed that the SEC would stomp on the egos of Texas A&M. Yes, sorry to all you Aggies out there, but I’ve had to hear your “whoop” one too many times, and have had to deal with a few die hards that I really would like to punch in the face. (That’s not to say that there aren’t lovely and kind Aggies out there, because I know there are. I have a few friends who are awesome Aggies, unfortunately the obnoxious overtake the kind in this situation.) The Aggies have somehow dominated and took down the number one seeded Alabama. Yes, Roll Tide was put to shame by the Aggies. I’m just shaking my head.

When the leaves start to change into those pretty hues of orange and yellow, you get a tingly sensation in your toes, and you know it’s time to head inside and watch basketball! Ah, yes. I know you are as thrilled as I am that the NBA is back in session. College basketball kicked off last week, and we’re diving head first into a great season. Why so great? The Lakers are already causing drama by firing their head coach after FIVE games. Yes, you read that right, apparently that’s all it takes now. In case you’re wondering, that is what having no support from upper management looks like, the first sign of trouble and you’re gone. The older guys are all hurt and riding the bench. For quite a few teams, their star players are riding the bench from injuries. This is bad, but also a great thing for the younger players. This gives them a chance to actually learn how to play in clutch circumstances. They are required to step up and lead, make the plays. When the “stars” get healthy enough, the dynamic will change. But, this means the coach will be able to look at different players throughout the season. Yes, you want your best players healthy, you want the older players leading the team, but you also want the young guys to step up and not just follow. I also like the older guys resting, so their legs are ready for the playoffs.

So what does this mean for the ladies? Get that fire going, cuddle up on the couch, and enjoy some wonderful sports. For the men? Deal with it, we’re watching too. Go make us some chili.

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