Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sorry to shout, but I have to brag and boast a bit - as a Crimson Tide fan it feels damn good to be heading to the SEC Championship this weekend. Yes, again, and Alabama will take on the Georgia Bulldogs in the battle for their division.

On the one hand you have Georgia, fighting for a Championship win, and for the chance to say they blew the Crimson Tide's chances at not only another SEC Championship, but also wanting to crush our dreams of trying for a 15th National Championship title.

On the second hand, you have the Alabama Crimson Tide. You know the team everyone is tired of seeing in the Championship games, seeing at #1, hearing about on Sports Center, the team people are tired of seeing win and take all the glory. Those people are namely Auburn fans and any other fan of any other college team in the United States. I know you're all sick of it - if you're into college football you're thinking LET SOMEONE ELSE WIN, LET SOMEONE ELSE go to the Championship game. Well it almost happened. The moment Alabama lost to Texas A&M, fans everywhere were cheering, screaming and totally counting out Alabama for another SEC Championship and / or National Championship run. My husband and I were not. You never count out Alabama, not until that fat lady sings.

Less than two weeks later, here we are. Ducks, lost a game.  Kansas, lost a game. In my living room that night you would have thought we were watching Alabama play the way my husband and I were yelping and cheering at the end of those games. It's my opinion as a Bama fan that yes, we deserve this. Others will balk at such things. Others will say, let someone else have this time to shine, and to that I will say this, when your team is playing the way AL does, keeping the points low like we have been trying to do all season, and win over tougher opponents in your own division, and (in my opinion, the college league) then we will gladly pass the torch on to you to take on another super tough team, or even ourselves in the National Championship.

I'm not saying that Oregon and Kansas aren't great teams. They are, but I have to say that I think having to battle with teams in the SEC such as LSU, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and now Texas A&M seems to be a lot tougher than playing in the PAC12 or BIG10 - NO disrespect to these teams but if you look at the current BCS standings, which division has more teams in the top ten? That's right, the SEC (6 schools, in the 10 ten). Bama only lost 1 game in their own division, this year, and that was the only game they lost for the entire regular season. Being knocked down by Texas A&M which we knew would be a hard battle, was rough but we are still #2 in the rankings and that feels good. Not as amazing as a perfect winning season, but to still have a fighting chance for a National Championship run, feels great.

You will notice I am not crap talking, or boasting that we WILL be in the National Championship this year. I will be honest, I hate trash talk. So I you won't get it here. It's my hope that we will make it there, and that we will win. I would love to face Notre Dame for the title. My husband has been talking about wanting this all season long when he saw how well the Fighting Irish were doing and mentioned that this is how he'd like it all to go down. If we are skilled enough and lucky enough to win against Georgia, and if and only if we are skilled enough and have trained hard enough to take on Notre Dame and win in the National Championship game, this will make 15 wins for Alabama. A pretty awesome record for sure. But I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.

Looking too far ahead can really ruin a team. The thing I love about Nick Saban as a coach is that he's not looking too far ahead in the future. He focuses on each game as it comes, and he prepares his team accordingly for the game in front of them. Not 2 games a head, not a single hop ahead, the game in front of them. I am sure there are kids on the team, hopeful for a shot at the National Championship but you best believe that Saban will be drilling it into their heads that they have to prepare for Georgia, and Georgia alone.  The Bulldogs will fight with all they have against the Tide. I know this. All teams do. Georgia has a lot to prove, as does the Tide. These two teams haven't played each other yet this year, so it will be a fresh game for both of them. GA will a force to be reckoned with come Saturday and Alabama knows this.

I don't make predictions, and I don't make bets. I hope my team will win. So I will do as I always do during and Alabama game, sport my teams colors (my lucky shirt), drink a beer  (or 5), curse the announcers every time they comment on the kicker, Shelley's perfect season (don't jinx us asshats!),  hold my breath whenever AJ McCarron bombs a pass down field, scream at the television to the receiver to hold on to that ball, holler at Lacy to run his ass off and get angry every time we get a penalty, and above all , shake my "sword" (shaker/pom pom) and cheer loudly for the Tide.

The SEC is forever changing. In the wake of the loss to Alabama, Mr. Chizik was fired from Auburn. Tennessee got rid of their coach and may others are changing their ways to keep up with teams like Alabama, Georgia, Texas A&M, LSU and Florida. Each year the teams get better, and each year the fans faith in their teams is tested. I will admit as a semi-new Bama fan I have started rooting during a great time in the school history, but the passion I've developed in the past 6 years for this team, will stay through thick and thin.

We had one loss this year - and for a fan base that is used to winning you would have thought we'd lost the Super Bowl when A&M took us to the house. It was a bit difficult to watch the Aggies sing their victory song and do their victory dance in Bryant-Denny Stadium, but, it was warranted. They played an amazing game. Bama fans are passionate, as are Auburn Fans. And the same can be said for all the SEC fans I know. I've always enjoyed football, but I will be the first to say NFL is completely different than college. There is a certain passion involved with college players vs. professional.

I look forward to the game this weekend. It's my birthday on Saturday. So I will be hoping for a win. However, win or lose, I know both Georgia and Alabama will be ready for the game, and fight until that final whistle is called.

May the best team win! And may Notre Dame be ready for the furry that is THE SEC, no matter who wins.

Lastly I leave you with a proud, ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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  1. LOVE the passion for the game on this blog! I too am in love with "my" football team, GO UTES :)