Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's talk about the West

Did your red pens get as good a workout this weekend as mine did? My West bracket is destroyed, but I don't care. Why? Because this is what March Madness is all about. Upsets. I love it!

Cathy's 2013 West Bracket

After watching Gonzaga almost lose to a 16 seed I was certain they weren't winning their next game. Which was unfortunate because I had them advancing all the way to the Final 4. This is what happens when you don't watch any ball. Had I watched Gonzaga play at all this season maybe I would have known they were going to go down early.

Then I watched Wisconsin lose (of course)(I had just bought a brand new shirt to wear too. Money well spent). And then LaSalle takes down K State! What? Suddenly there's a 12/13 matchup. Ok, this I can get excited about. LaSalle (a play in team) came out on top. Be sure to tune in Thursday night for the (9)Wichita St vs (13)LaSalle game. I don't know if there's a bracket out there that predicted that matchup! These two teams are going to be bringing a lot of energy to the court. Should be a fun game.

I see Ohio State having no problems making it out of this bracket even though Iowa State proved to be quite the competitor. I will be rooting for Arizona though, because at this point it's underdogs all the way!

Upsets outside the West bracket

In the Midwest: 12th seed Oregon will take on overall #1 Louisville. I don't see this being a problem for the Cardinals.

In the South: How about the 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast Eagles?! There's your Cinderella story; they are the first 15 seed to make it to the Sweet 16. I think they have enough determination to give the Gators a good game, but doubt they'll make it out alive.

The East bracket is just doing what it's supposed to do. All 4 team left are the top 4 seeds.

How are your brackets looking? Anyone lose their champ yet? (ahem, Aunt BT)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's March Madness, which means that it's time to actually pay attention to college basketball and try to guess the odds of who will win the National Championship.

And I like that you think I actually am going to talk about strategy and how to go about choosing the different teams that will win. I'm not. I don't have a clue.

I definitely don't pay attention to much college basketball, and I really only look at teams that I recognize as big players in college. After that, it's a guessing game for me. Plus, I really want to see teams my friends and family love make it to the Championship.

Needless to say I rarely, if ever, win in my brackets.

FYI, in case you're not sure what this whole bracket stuff means . . . . March Madness is the term for college basketball playoffs for the National Championship. It's an actual true playoff system, and since football doesn't have a system (the "Bowl System" doesn't count, it's all teams being bought), people jump on it and have fun with it. So groups of people come together and select how they think the teams will fare out in the playoffs, and choose who they think will be the National Champions. Some play for money, some just play for bragging rights. The group Cathy started (which you should totally join), is all for bragging rights. I totally never get to brag. But, it's still fun. 

It was Selection Sunday this past weekend (aka the teams that weren't positive if they made it in the playoffs were guaranteed, and you can start filling out your brackets), and this Thursday starts the playoff games.

It's fun to compete on something that doesn't really matter (if you aren't a die hard college basketball fan), so I recommend you join in on the fun.

If you don't know a thing about sports, and can win a bracket . . . . who wouldn't want to do it!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness 2013

Oh, hey there. It's your long lost friend Cathy. I could launch into a million excuses about why I haven't been posting here, but truth is, I have no good excuse. Not one. Good news is I'm here now and it's almost Selection Sunday!

As I've done in the past I will set up a bracket challenge over at CBS Sports. If you want in leave a comment with your email.  I'll be inviting those who played last year (although they may already be automatically in the group. I can't really figure out what's going on.) It's a friendly game, and the more the merrier is always my thought.

As usual I'm going into the tourney having hardly watched any college ball. I've figured out over the years that crazy stuff happens in the tournament, they do call it "madness" for a reason, and sometimes picking blindly can give you great results. Everyone remembers Duke being taken out by a 15 seed last year, right?!

Let the games begin!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


After the Super Bowl, I had some doubts about my ability to recover.  My faith in the league took a huge hit.  Co-workers jokingly (I hope) checked my wrists the next day and asked if I needed to be put on suicide watch.  Obviously, I was fine.  It's just a game.

The week following the loss I cut myself off from all social media (checking off #46 on my 101 in 1001 list) and sports news.  From there, I slowly eased back in to my normal routine.  I thought college basketball would get me through the pain of hating my favorite sport.  Then Cuse decided they didn't actually want to leave the Big East on top, so I tried hockey.  While I can see the appeal, I need a full season to learn the rules and get to know the players.  For the first time since I was probably 6, I understood what life could be like for a non-sports fan. If you're wondering, there's the same amount of drinking, just less of it in front of the TV.

When I got the text about Percy Harvin going to Seattle, I thought, "Great, as if I needed another reason to hate the Seahawks and their bastard of a coach."  Then the Niners came through with a move of their own.  I know Boldin is "old" by NFL standards and may never be as good as he was for Baltimore in the post-season, but I'll take his hands over speed any day (#TWSS)!

My excitement over the move surprised even me.  I actually posted about the NFL on Facebook for the first time in a month.  I still can't bring myself to watch/read anything related to the Super Bowl, but I can at least say I'm looking forward to the 2013 season.

Like any broken relationship, time really does heal all.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Round Up - Cause nothing incredibly exciting has happened lately

It's true. As much as I like to think that sports is always exciting and so much to talk about . . . . it's not. And that's okay by me. I need a little boring in my life.

So here's a little Round Up to get you up to date. Of the important stuff . . . . kinda.

NASCAR - Yes, I would normally never discuss NASCAR, however it had a huge wreck last weekend. It was scary, I was at a party and actually saw it live on tv. How the drivers walked away without being injured or worse was amazing. Took out at least 6 cars, and one car ended up spinning in the fence, engine ripped out and stuck in the fence, while the car ended up back down on the track from momentum. Unfortunately lots of spectators were injured. Two in critical condition. Hopefully everyone makes a full recovery, I haven't heard an update lately. Apparently Danica Patrick led a lap, which was a first for a woman. So, apparently let's raise our hands in "girl power" . . . I didn't either. Over these "milestones" already.

MLB - Baseball is starting, teams have already started playing their practice games. We had a Texas Ranger get a tattoo recently, instead of the three months he was off . . . . because that would be too smart, and now he has to sit for a few weeks. Smart boys them baseballers. And that's all I've got for baseball. I'll let Hutch be over the moon for that sport, I just have no excitement yet.

NBA - There are more and more flagrant and dangerous fouling going on lately. The refs are letting a bunch of stuff go. I'm ready for them to teach the players a lesson . . . you foul like you shouldn't? Ejected. Fine them. Just make it stop. It's time to take back the court and get them to actually play the game, not just knock each other on the ground cause you can get away with it. Also, trade deadline just passed. Apparently no one did anything of note, except where people had asked to be traded or their team hated them. Either way, the season just hit the 2/3 of the way done mark. Also, it's finally confirmed (a while back, but I hadn't written it here) that David Stern is retiring after this season. Glory Hallelujah!!

MLS - So soccer isn't big in the US, but I have friends who are huge soccer fans. So, I hear chatter . . . . doesn't mean I understand any of it. But Cristiano Ronaldo was traded back to Old Tafford. He's a dirty and mean player, and a ton of people can't stand him. However, he's pretty and fun to look at. And since I don't follow soccer . . . that's enough for me. Hi Cristiano!! AuntBT loves you.

NFL - The season is over, but every one's eyes have been on the Combine. The Combine is basically a training camp where college players going into the draft get invited to be weighed, measured, and tested on all their abilities. It's quite an honor to be asked to go, and we've seen some guys majorly kicking butt. We still have over a month before the actual draft (April 25-27), but it's getting exciting. Not that I actually care about the teams that will inherit (aka buy) these players, but to see these kids try so hard and make their goals . . . it's exciting. Good luck boys!

Anything I missed??

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fitness is hard.

No seriously, it is so not fun. The only reason people like is, is because you feel better after. The actually working out? Blows. Deny it all you want. It’s true.

Why does this matter? Because when you’re part of an office contest to see which group can be the most successful in reaching your goals . . . . you end up eating peanut butter M&Ms at your desk because you gained weight when you’ve been uber healthy and decide who cares.

Yup. That happened today.

I actually really enjoy eating healthy. I like the taste of most vegetables. However, I love sugar. . . . like really love it. People who don’t scare me. Or at least I think they’re weird.

However, I think women fall into the category of shame eating more than anyone else. You know what the worst part is? I know that muscle weighs more than fat. So if I’m toning muscle, why does it matter? My pants are a little looser. Because part of the challenge . . . is percentage of weight lost.

I’ve never been one to step on the scale every day. I’m a clothing size fitness girl. If my clothes get loose, I’m happy. If they get tight, I’m not doing something right.

So what is the point of all this? I’m leaning on you, because this  . . . . well, it sucks. I know that everyone reading as had problems staying fit, losing weight, or just trying to be healthy. We all fall of the horse, and I would love to hear how you handle it. How do you keep going? Or, if you don’t, will you? Or how to do you cope with the feeling of “failing”? Because, let’s be honest, shame eating peanut butter M&Ms isn’t helping me!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl 47 Media Day: Favorite Moments

A week or so ago, I tried explaining to a friend how my passion for sports is about the stories just as much as the game.  Yes, I love football, baseball, basketball (college), and soccer, but I also need to feel invested in the players and coaches.  All great stories tug at even the coldest of hearts, or make you laugh (even better when you get both).

Cue: Super Bowl Media Day

Which "reporter" will be in the most ridiculous costume?

Who will make the younger Coach Harbaugh laugh first?

Over/Under on the time it takes Ray Lewis to fake cry?

These are the bets Vegas should be taking!

The following are my favorite moments of the day:

  • I think every player was asked if they've ever been "Catfished." All answered no, of course (who would be that gullible).
  • Joe Staley coming through with the funny, calling Kap "awful," saying his Pegasus would be named "Bartholomew" and one of my favorite quotes, "I'm so close to being cool." I feel ya guy. Staley has a video segment on called the Joe Show. You should watch. I love him.
  • Harbaugh's best quotes:
    • "The best way to tell my brother apart is I'm taller." 
    • "I don't have a tweeter or anything."
  • Willis Words of Wisdom: "When you talk about yourself you're belittling the contributions of others." 
  • Randy Moss, in a Niners uniform, saying, with the straightest face, that he thinks he's the greatest receiver of all time. Sorry buddy, love the confidence and I'm glad you're on our team and all, but not even close to competing with #80 on that one.
  • Brian Jennings conducting a yoga lesson with the media
  • Suggs seems to be the Ravens answer to Staley's humor, can we get them to do an interview together?
  • Ray Rice's motiviational song is "Shine Bright Like a Diamond." "Don't judge me," he says
  • And this happened:

My tweet made it on ESPN's Sport Center Media Day Special! Now if I can just find a way to see it for myself, the day will be complete! Anyone out there who can help me with this?


Side note: I love how much respect the two teams are showing each other, I only hope the fans on both sides follow suit!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's a glorious day in the NFL

Well, for most NFL fans it's a glorious week. The Patriot fans are crying. But they cry anyways, for every bad call. Sorry, I have no guilt over speaking badly on the Patriots. Your coach makes my skin crawl and is just a jerk. It's like my hatred for Jerry Jones. Same level. Even if Tom Brady is hot. He's a cry baby too.

The best part about what is going on in the NFL is what is making me actually want to watch the Super Bowl this year. We all know I'm not a big NFL fan. I like college, it's more of the pure sport, and it's not just a money fest. But right now, I'm all about the NFL. Why? Well, now there is a great emotional link . . . . the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Super Bowl. The best part is the head coaches are brothers. YES.

This is good stuff people. This is the same when the Manning brothers played against each other in the Super Bowl, except people don't hate these guys. (Truth be told, I don't understand the Manning hate, but that's okay.)

I can't wait for the Har Bowl to begin!! (Their last name is Harbaugh . . . . get it?)

I know, I'm lame. But, mainly I like seeing good people win, and big jerks lose. I'm looking at you Belichick.

PS. Big congrats to Hutch! Her team (the 49ers) are going back to the Super Bowl! Way to go San Fran!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twitter and Sports

If you're a sports fan and not on Twitter, well, what's wrong with you?

When I first signed up years ago, I created a sports list of all my favorite athletes, writers, outlets, etc. (lists are the best and if you're a sports fan on Twitter not using lists, well...). Obviously, Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth did not make the cut.

Due to Twitter/the list, I found out three very important pieces of information yesterday before they were available on any of the major outlets:

  1. When the Niners presser took place (in advance) so I could set my DVR to record while at work. Sidenote: Anyone calling Harbaugh smug clearly just reads the quotes and doesn't actually watch his press conference footage.  The guy is hilarious. I could watch the Harbaugh brothers all day. Hopefully, I'll be able to for the next 2.5 weeks!
  2. Chip Kelly leaving Oregon for the Eagles.  The Ducks/their fans can be truly obnoxious at times, but I'm learning it might just be a Northwest mentality. Carroll and his Seahawks have become the same way. Well, Carroll was always that way, but the organization has changed since he arrived and not in a way I find even remotely enjoyable. I am not talking about their talent.
  3. The biggest "Mind Blown" moment I may have ever encountered in sports: Manti Te'o and the girlfriend hoax.  Deadspin, not ESPN, SI, CBS, DEADSPIN, uncovered the hoax.  Seriously, if you've only read the major outlets reports, read the original HERE.  The story alone had me shaking my head out of confusion. Then to find out Notre Dame knew about it on December 26th and sat on the news to do their own investigation.  In the meantime, they allowed all the outlets to air segments of Te'o talking about his fake dead girlfriend before the BCS Title game. I won't make assumptions, but no matter which truth is real, multiple people screwed up.  Is there any other sports story that has caused this much shock? Steroids? Everyone already knew. Bounty Gate? Not even remotely surprising. Lance Armstrong? Please. Well done, Deadspin, well done.
P.S. I follow Deadspin on Twitter and read the story shortly before 2:00 PM PT.  I waited anxiously to see when the other outlets who reported the story of the girlfriend during the season would come out with their response.

3:49 PM.  Granted the story may have been on a bit earlier, but without Twitter why would I have even thought to check?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well . . . . That hurt.

I will never take away that Alabama didn't deserve to win the BCS National Championship. They did a fantastic job. Played their hearts out and won. So a BIG congrats go out to Sabin and his team. Well done Roll Tide.
Photo from

However, I wanted to see Notre Dame take it home. I wanted to see a team that used to be on top of the world come back. They've struggled to make it back to the Championships for so long. I felt they had a chance. Unfortunately they just folded. Any team can be beaten on any given day. Notre Dame's top players (especially Te'O) weren't performing as well as they normal do. It just wasn't in the cards for them Monday. It happens. You just hate to see it happen at the National Championship. And yes, it's the girl side of me that's the sentimental schmuck who wanted to see them win. I don't have ties to either team. And I don't hate Sabin, I know he's a super perfectionist and is very hard on his team, however, I know the players respect him. I just wanted those gold helmets to be held up in the air.

Photo from

And really, both teams' players were just so respectful about the other teams. Notre Dame's players were heart broken and still just gave the highest regards to Alabama. The coach as well. One can only hope that this team, minus the seniors (and sadly Te'O) will make it back next year. And win it all.

For you NCAA haters . . . .  I'm there with you. Trust me. I hate the bowl system. I hate how the NCAA runs it all. However, if I hear one more person say that Notre Dame didn't belong in that Championship game, I will smack you upside the head. They had a perfect season, until Monday night. They don't play cupcake teams. If they did, my beloved alma mater would have been on their list. Thought does go into who plays in this game. There are reasons, and although I don't agree with the system, I know teams belong in that game. Scream Roll Tide Roll to whoever you want, I will say congrats to your team, but I will not be okay with you saying Notre Dame didn't belong there. If you think you can do a better job, go meet with the president of the NCAA . . . . in fact, put it on video. We'd all like to see that.