Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twitter and Sports

If you're a sports fan and not on Twitter, well, what's wrong with you?

When I first signed up years ago, I created a sports list of all my favorite athletes, writers, outlets, etc. (lists are the best and if you're a sports fan on Twitter not using lists, well...). Obviously, Joe Buck and Cris Collinsworth did not make the cut.

Due to Twitter/the list, I found out three very important pieces of information yesterday before they were available on any of the major outlets:

  1. When the Niners presser took place (in advance) so I could set my DVR to record while at work. Sidenote: Anyone calling Harbaugh smug clearly just reads the quotes and doesn't actually watch his press conference footage.  The guy is hilarious. I could watch the Harbaugh brothers all day. Hopefully, I'll be able to for the next 2.5 weeks!
  2. Chip Kelly leaving Oregon for the Eagles.  The Ducks/their fans can be truly obnoxious at times, but I'm learning it might just be a Northwest mentality. Carroll and his Seahawks have become the same way. Well, Carroll was always that way, but the organization has changed since he arrived and not in a way I find even remotely enjoyable. I am not talking about their talent.
  3. The biggest "Mind Blown" moment I may have ever encountered in sports: Manti Te'o and the girlfriend hoax.  Deadspin, not ESPN, SI, CBS, DEADSPIN, uncovered the hoax.  Seriously, if you've only read the major outlets reports, read the original HERE.  The story alone had me shaking my head out of confusion. Then to find out Notre Dame knew about it on December 26th and sat on the news to do their own investigation.  In the meantime, they allowed all the outlets to air segments of Te'o talking about his fake dead girlfriend before the BCS Title game. I won't make assumptions, but no matter which truth is real, multiple people screwed up.  Is there any other sports story that has caused this much shock? Steroids? Everyone already knew. Bounty Gate? Not even remotely surprising. Lance Armstrong? Please. Well done, Deadspin, well done.
P.S. I follow Deadspin on Twitter and read the story shortly before 2:00 PM PT.  I waited anxiously to see when the other outlets who reported the story of the girlfriend during the season would come out with their response.

3:49 PM.  Granted the story may have been on a bit earlier, but without Twitter why would I have even thought to check?


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