Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's talk about the West

Did your red pens get as good a workout this weekend as mine did? My West bracket is destroyed, but I don't care. Why? Because this is what March Madness is all about. Upsets. I love it!

Cathy's 2013 West Bracket

After watching Gonzaga almost lose to a 16 seed I was certain they weren't winning their next game. Which was unfortunate because I had them advancing all the way to the Final 4. This is what happens when you don't watch any ball. Had I watched Gonzaga play at all this season maybe I would have known they were going to go down early.

Then I watched Wisconsin lose (of course)(I had just bought a brand new shirt to wear too. Money well spent). And then LaSalle takes down K State! What? Suddenly there's a 12/13 matchup. Ok, this I can get excited about. LaSalle (a play in team) came out on top. Be sure to tune in Thursday night for the (9)Wichita St vs (13)LaSalle game. I don't know if there's a bracket out there that predicted that matchup! These two teams are going to be bringing a lot of energy to the court. Should be a fun game.

I see Ohio State having no problems making it out of this bracket even though Iowa State proved to be quite the competitor. I will be rooting for Arizona though, because at this point it's underdogs all the way!

Upsets outside the West bracket

In the Midwest: 12th seed Oregon will take on overall #1 Louisville. I don't see this being a problem for the Cardinals.

In the South: How about the 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast Eagles?! There's your Cinderella story; they are the first 15 seed to make it to the Sweet 16. I think they have enough determination to give the Gators a good game, but doubt they'll make it out alive.

The East bracket is just doing what it's supposed to do. All 4 team left are the top 4 seeds.

How are your brackets looking? Anyone lose their champ yet? (ahem, Aunt BT)

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