Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness 2013

Oh, hey there. It's your long lost friend Cathy. I could launch into a million excuses about why I haven't been posting here, but truth is, I have no good excuse. Not one. Good news is I'm here now and it's almost Selection Sunday!

As I've done in the past I will set up a bracket challenge over at CBS Sports. If you want in leave a comment with your email.  I'll be inviting those who played last year (although they may already be automatically in the group. I can't really figure out what's going on.) It's a friendly game, and the more the merrier is always my thought.

As usual I'm going into the tourney having hardly watched any college ball. I've figured out over the years that crazy stuff happens in the tournament, they do call it "madness" for a reason, and sometimes picking blindly can give you great results. Everyone remembers Duke being taken out by a 15 seed last year, right?!

Let the games begin!

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  1. You know I'm in!!