Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Round Up - Cause nothing incredibly exciting has happened lately

It's true. As much as I like to think that sports is always exciting and so much to talk about . . . . it's not. And that's okay by me. I need a little boring in my life.

So here's a little Round Up to get you up to date. Of the important stuff . . . . kinda.

NASCAR - Yes, I would normally never discuss NASCAR, however it had a huge wreck last weekend. It was scary, I was at a party and actually saw it live on tv. How the drivers walked away without being injured or worse was amazing. Took out at least 6 cars, and one car ended up spinning in the fence, engine ripped out and stuck in the fence, while the car ended up back down on the track from momentum. Unfortunately lots of spectators were injured. Two in critical condition. Hopefully everyone makes a full recovery, I haven't heard an update lately. Apparently Danica Patrick led a lap, which was a first for a woman. So, apparently let's raise our hands in "girl power" . . . I didn't either. Over these "milestones" already.

MLB - Baseball is starting, teams have already started playing their practice games. We had a Texas Ranger get a tattoo recently, instead of the three months he was off . . . . because that would be too smart, and now he has to sit for a few weeks. Smart boys them baseballers. And that's all I've got for baseball. I'll let Hutch be over the moon for that sport, I just have no excitement yet.

NBA - There are more and more flagrant and dangerous fouling going on lately. The refs are letting a bunch of stuff go. I'm ready for them to teach the players a lesson . . . you foul like you shouldn't? Ejected. Fine them. Just make it stop. It's time to take back the court and get them to actually play the game, not just knock each other on the ground cause you can get away with it. Also, trade deadline just passed. Apparently no one did anything of note, except where people had asked to be traded or their team hated them. Either way, the season just hit the 2/3 of the way done mark. Also, it's finally confirmed (a while back, but I hadn't written it here) that David Stern is retiring after this season. Glory Hallelujah!!

MLS - So soccer isn't big in the US, but I have friends who are huge soccer fans. So, I hear chatter . . . . doesn't mean I understand any of it. But Cristiano Ronaldo was traded back to Old Tafford. He's a dirty and mean player, and a ton of people can't stand him. However, he's pretty and fun to look at. And since I don't follow soccer . . . that's enough for me. Hi Cristiano!! AuntBT loves you.

NFL - The season is over, but every one's eyes have been on the Combine. The Combine is basically a training camp where college players going into the draft get invited to be weighed, measured, and tested on all their abilities. It's quite an honor to be asked to go, and we've seen some guys majorly kicking butt. We still have over a month before the actual draft (April 25-27), but it's getting exciting. Not that I actually care about the teams that will inherit (aka buy) these players, but to see these kids try so hard and make their goals . . . it's exciting. Good luck boys!

Anything I missed??

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